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Evidence-of-Identity Requirements

Help us to protect your identity and reduce fraud.

Why are identification requirements needed?

Identity fraud involving the use of stolen, fictitious or altered identities to commit criminal offences is a concern for our community. The WA Registry recognises that certificates and changes of name help establish a person's identity. The Registry is committed to maintaining the security of its information by reducing the risk of certificates being wrongfully issued to people who may use them for fraudulent purposes.

Applicants are required to provide a range of commonly available evidence-of-identity documents before being eligible to receive certificates or register a change of name.

When providing certificate information from Registry records, the Registrar must consider the privacy of the person to whom the record relates. For example, a birth certificate is usually only available to the person named in the certificate, their parent or legal guardian. For more information, refer to the relevant Certificate Access Policy.

Record Age exceptions

In recognition of the fact that the fraudulent use of certificates reduces with the age of the record, the evidence-of-identity requirements for historical certificates, i.e. births that occurred 100 years ago or more, deaths that occurred 30 years ago or more and marriages that occurred 75 years ago or more will not be required.

Identification requirements

If you are applying for a certificate or a change of name or a correction, you must provide at least three forms of evidence-of-identity:

  • One document from each list (1, 2 and 3). At least one containing a photograph or
  • One from List 1 and two from List 2. At least one containing a photograph or
  • Two from List 2 and one from List 3. At least one containing a signature.

All forms of evidence-of-identity produced MUST be current.

Documents from List 3 must show your current residential address.

Bank statements, utility accounts or rates notices must have been issued within the last six months.

Applying in person - original documents must be provided.

Applying by post - send clear photocopies of your evidence-of-identity documents with your application. Do not post original documents.

Applying from overseas - The Western Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages will consider current photocopied overseas evidence-of-identity documents equivalent to those stated in the below lists. Do not send original documents.

Note: Certification of evidence-of-identity documents are no longer required.

List 1
Evidence of link between photo & signature
List 2
Evidence of operating in the community
List 3
Evidence of current residential address
  • Australian driver's licence
  • Australian passport
  • Australian firearm's licence
  • Defence force/Police ID card
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate with evidence of residence status
  • WA Photo Card, Over 18 or Proof of Age Card
  • Australian learner driver’s permit card.
  • Debit or Credit card (one or the other, not both) issued by a financial institution
  • Document of Identity issued by the Passport Office
  • Entitlement card issued by the Commonwealth or State Government (Centrelink, Health Care card, Veterans Affairs card etc)
  • Full birth certificate issued in Australia (birth extracts not accepted)
  • Medicare card
  • Naturalisation, citizenship or immigration papers issued by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
  • Overseas passport with current Australian Entry Permit
  • Security guard or crowd control licence (Australian)
  • Student identity document or Statement of enrolment issued by an educational institution, including Tertiary (should include photo and/or signature)
  • Working with children card.
  • Driver’s licence renewal notice
  • Financial institution statement less than six months old
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Property lease or tenancy agreement
  • Shire/water rates notice
  • School or other educational report or certificate less than twelve months old
  • Utility account less than six months old (e.g. gas, electricity, home phone etc).

Applying for certificates on behalf of another person

If you are applying for a certificate on behalf of another person, you must provide the following:

  • Evidence-of-identity for yourself
  • Evidence-of-identity of the person who is entitled to the document as stated in the Registry's Certificate Access policy
  • A letter giving permission from the person entitled to the document. See Letter of Authority download below.

Protecting Your Identity

The Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department provides a booklet Protecting Your Identity that contains information on how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft and what to do if your identity has been stolen.

Last updated: 7-Aug-2020

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